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Took place in the garden of our shared house is South East London.

With stories told by; Harry Bix with Hannah Le Fleur, Miki Holloway, Helle Tviberg and Jack Solloway, Oliver Kane, Madi Walsh, and Gonçalo Lamas and Andrew Wyatt.

We began with Harry Bix, with the aide of Hannah Le Fleuvre, telling the story of the man with 100 mothers, a Chinese morality tale from the Eight Immortals. Following this Miki lead us in a group improvisation exercise where we followed a legless man through the desert who failed to be saved by Harry’s mum (e)Clair. Then Helle and Jack told told us of how they learnt of and set about recounting the tale of Helle’s ancestors and the two unrelated Tviberg families, the sole inhibitors of the isle of Tviberg in Norway. Oliver shared with us the juice made from elderberry and told us stories relating to its history including the accidental poisoning of a an entire church parish before applying the juice to his body. Madi lead us in a group reading of Mother by Carmen Maria Machado before ending with Andrew and Goncalo telling us the origin stories of the matching scars on their wrists. 

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