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The Fauna of Mirrors,

4k video,

seamless loop (02:38),


Philip Speakman

No Flaming House

collaborative moving image



Developed through workshops with local teenagers, No Flaming House, employs Lakeland philosopher R G Collingwood’s idea of ‘historical imagination' to reconstruct the events around a rumoured plan to burn down a manor house in the English Lake District in the 1990’s. 


Employing documentary methods to mine what truths a society expresses in it's rumours, No Flaming House was devised, filmed and performed by local young people through workshops with assistance from Jess Heritage as part of a young persons summer film school at Grizedale Art’s The Farmers Arms.


The film explores themes of national heritage and cultural identity, youth rebellion, rumour and romanticism, and filmmaking’s capacity as a tool for investigations at the boundary of the historical and the romantic imaginary. The work was filmed on location at Allan Bank, a property now managed by the National Trust which was once home to Romantic poets such as William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, before becoming a film set for Ken Russell and a hippy commune in the 70’s, histories the film wilfully entwines itself within in.

Made by and featuring

Bella Yoeman

Billy Kemp

Joseph Barnes

Francis Morgan

Iris Morgan

Rudy Morgan


Through workshops run with

Jess Heritage


Title art

Billy Kemp

Filmed at

The Farmers Arms, Lowick Green

The National Trust’s Allan Bank, Grasmere


With thanks and support from

Emma Sumner

Adam Sutherland

Harvey Wilkinson

The National Trust

Film & Video Unit, Central Saint Martins

Jo Evans & Chris Speakman

Workshops at the Farmer's Arms, Lowick Green, and Allan Bank, Grasmere.

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