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The Strange Account of Ellery Cordwainer

video, text, Monster Munch, tusks


solo presentation at fivehundredthousand

with thanks to Eliot Felde, Harry Smithson and Gillies Adamson Semple, and Diane and Russell Heritage 

Dear Visitors


Firstly thanks a lot for coming, I really appreciate your being here. What precedes is a collation of objects and research stemming from a story I was told last year.


In the summer of 2017 I found myself engaged in a series of online conversations __ _____ with someone going by the name of Ellery Cordwainer* who claimed to been part of a cult of SF writers in _______

_______________ create a mythic image of the future, a fiction capable of derailing what they saw as the _________________________ at the heart of _________ _______ capitalism, providing an alternative to the ‘there is no alternative’ doctrine of neoliberalism through the creation of hyperstitions; fictions which make themselves real. _______________________________ collective writers block ________________________________________

 _____________________________________________________.              ____________ endeared towards the narratives and tales of the landscape and communities surrounding them, _____________

________________________________ informing their behaviour and interactions, latching onto and ensnaring their realities. _________________________________________________



The exhibition is a presentation and examinationº of this story done with the hope that something interesting might unfold. Much of the material is still unprocessed/unfixed in some regard and so I’m sorry if this means it requires more work.


Best wishes,



* I think this is clearly a fake name; Ellery/allegory (poor joke?), and Cordwainer was a pseudonym used by SF writer Harlan Ellison when he felt his fictions had been managed and distorted beyond repair when handed onto to someone else, typically Hollywood producers. 


º Cordwainer claimed his account might not be entirely accurate but was none the less true. I’m happy to go with that. 

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