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Sympathetic Magic, moving image (unresolved), 2022

In making a film about the East Anglian witch trials, a filmmaker instead attempts to make a film as an act of witchcraft. A film in becoming.

Strixology I, A5 flyers and online video, 2022

A journey through nested images and incantations. ​


An Encounter with The..., illustrated text, 2022

Robert Smithson, Neolithic Art Criticism, Edgar Allan Poe, cosmic horror, rock rubbings

No Flaming House, collaborative moving image, 2021


Local teenagers use historical imagination to reconstruct the events around a rumoured plan to burn down a National Trust property in the Lake District in the 1990's.

Developed as part of a young persons film school.

Algal Shades, installation, 2021


Result of a studio residency at OUTPOST Gallery's Gildengate House.


Petrichor Project, sound for radio, 2021


BBC/Arts Council 'New Creatives' audio commission.


A Ballardian journey through lost memories and the eerie ecology of a drowned Norfolk landscape. 

The Err, outdoor sculpture, 2020 - 2021


A large 'scrying stone' commissioned by Grizedale Arts for their Lawson Park HQ.

A technology of an alternative form of romanticism, a 'fictioning' of the Bowder Stone, imagined as the result of some outside agency intent of hiding its artifice.

Vernal Wood, 4K video, 2020

On a family walking holiday, the hyperstitional project of poetic nationalism at the heart of the English Lake District unravels, and the artifice of the nature here is revealed as the second nature of ingrained customs and habits.

Tell, story telling sessions, 2018 ongoing

A peripatetic story telling event and machine for narrative experimentation, as well as a place to eat and drink together. 

Ellery Cordwainer, video installation, 2018


Solo presentation at fivehundredthousand


On request


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