recent works

Petrichor Season

The Err

Vernal Wood



Grasmere Rising

The Shining

The Long Shadows of Bohemian Grove

The Nameless Art

The Theory of Improbability

recent works

Petrichor Season, audio, 2020 (work in progress)


BBC/Arts Council 'new Creatives' audio commission. A soggy sci-fi exploring the eerie of the Norfolk Broads ecology

The Err, sculpture and events program, 2020 -


A large 'scrying stone' commissioned by Grizedale Arts for their Lawson Park HQ, along side a future events program.

Vernal Wood, 4K video, 2020

On a family walking holiday, the hyperstitional project of poetic nationalism at the heart of the English Lake District unravels, and the artifice of the nature here is revealed as the second nature of ingrained customs and habits.

Affection and irreverence, radicalism and romanticism, coalesce as the work attempts to intervene in the circulation of images central to the passing down of this restrictive ‘national commonwealth’; a tourist’s car burns outside Wordsworth’s gravestone, a military helicopter flies over Lake Windermere, and the bleakness of a rewinding project rupture the heritage image cycle, and offer glimpses of another Lake District.

Tell2066, radio show, 2019

Tell, story telling sessions, 2018 - 

Grasmere Rising, text and images, 2019

The Shining, HD video, 2019

The Long Shadows of Bohemian Grove, HD video, 2018