Tell is a peripatetic story telling event and machine for narrative experimentation, as well as a place to eat and drink together. 

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previous events:


F.A.T. Studios community action project, AMP Gallery



Tell 2066

ALW x TACO! Radio Show (link)


hosted by Gonçalo Lamas and Andrew Wyatt, including a reading from Pond (2015) by Claire-Louise Bennett, with stories told by Viana Gaudino, Caterina Avataneo, and Helle Tviberg reading from The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986) by Ursula K. Le Guin. Music by Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton

Trinidadian exorcisms, something infectious from the archive, and insights into human evolution and story telling.


Wells Projects as part of 'Salamander Skin'



with Isobel Adderley, Billy Sassi, Charlie Wood, Izabel Alsina Reynolds, Viana Gaudino and Chi Bagtas

Beans and mother daughter cycles, a traffic collision reenacted, slow worms and histories most famous mother fucker, the death of two guard dogs and a Filipino abattoir. 

Tell3: Future Primitive

Gossamer Fog, as part of 'Future Primitive'



with Rosie Woodhouse, Andrew Wyatt and Gonçalo Lamas, Caterina Avataneo, Jess Heritage and Miriam Austin

Dreams of Marx, firework scars and constellations, contracting mushrooms, precognitive pets and the church built by your grandfather.


a friend's front room, Honor Oak



with Miki Holloway, Dave Malkin, Misha Farrant, Eleni Papazoglou, Helle Tviberg and Micheal Taiwo


Collective enunciation, cold war ghost broadcasts, pregnant sex with Disney villains, remembering Katherine Araniello, Catford's prefabs and past selves.


our shared garden, Brockley, London


with Harry Bix and Hannah le Feuvre, Miki Holloway, Olive Kan, Jack Solloway and Helle Tviberg, Madi Walsh, Andrew Wyatt and Gonçalo Lamas

The man with 100 mothers, attempts at group storytelling, the two separate Tviberg families on Tviberg Island, sharing and poisoning a parish church with elderberry juice, Mother by Carmen Maria Machado, and shared identical scares.